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  1. Photo of Robert Greenwald

    Robert Greenwald Director

  2. Photo of Richard Christian Danus

    Richard Christian Danus Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marc Reid Rubel

    Marc Reid Rubel Screenplay

  4. Photo of Olivia Newton-John

    Olivia Newton-John Cast

  5. Photo of Gene Kelly

    Gene Kelly Cast

  6. Photo of Michael Beck

    Michael Beck Cast

  7. Photo of James Sloyan

    James Sloyan Cast

  8. Photo of Dimitra Arliss

    Dimitra Arliss Cast

  9. Photo of Katie Hanley

    Katie Hanley Cast

  10. Photo of Fred McCarren

    Fred McCarren Cast

  11. Photo of Ren Woods

    Ren Woods Cast

  12. Photo of Sandahl Bergman

    Sandahl Bergman Cast

  13. Photo of Wilfrid Hyde-White

    Wilfrid Hyde-White Cast

  14. Photo of Coral Browne

    Coral Browne Cast

  15. Photo of Victor J. Kemper

    Victor J. Kemper Cinematography

  16. Photo of Barry De Vorzon

    Barry De Vorzon Music

  17. Photo of Electric Light Orchestra

    Electric Light Orchestra Music

  18. Photo of John W. Corso

    John W. Corso Production Design

  19. Photo of Lawrence Gordon

    Lawrence Gordon Producer

  20. Photo of Lee Kramer

    Lee Kramer Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Dennis Virkler

    Dennis Virkler Editing

  22. Photo of Bobbie Mannix

    Bobbie Mannix Costume Design