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  1. Photo of Garth Maxwell

    Garth Maxwell Director

  2. Photo of Rick Jacobson

    Rick Jacobson Director

  3. Photo of Mark Beesley

    Mark Beesley Director

  4. Photo of Josh Becker

    Josh Becker Director

  5. Photo of Charles Siebert

    Charles Siebert Director

  6. Photo of T.J. Scott

    T.J. Scott Director

  7. Photo of Michael Hurst

    Michael Hurst Director

  8. Photo of Andrew Merrifield

    Andrew Merrifield Director

  9. Photo of John Fawcett

    John Fawcett Director

  10. Photo of Michael Levine

    Michael Levine Director

  11. Photo of Oley Sassone

    Oley Sassone Director

  12. Photo of Rob Tapert

    Rob Tapert Director and Screenplay

  13. Photo of Doug Lefler

    Doug Lefler Director

  14. Photo of Gary Jones

    Gary Jones Director

  15. Photo of Charlie Haskell

    Charlie Haskell Director

  16. Photo of John Laing

    John Laing Director

  17. Photo of Sam Raimi

    Sam Raimi Screenplay

  18. Photo of John Schulian

    John Schulian Screenplay

  19. Photo of R.J. Stewart

    R.J. Stewart Screenplay

  20. Photo of Lucy Lawless

    Lucy Lawless Cast

  21. Photo of Renée O'Connor

    Renée O'Connor Cast

  22. Photo of Ted Raimi

    Ted Raimi Cast

  23. Photo of Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith Cast

  24. Photo of Hudson Leick

    Hudson Leick Cast

  25. Photo of Karl Urban

    Karl Urban Cast

  26. Photo of Alexandra Tydings

    Alexandra Tydings Cast

  27. Photo of Adrienne Wilkinson

    Adrienne Wilkinson Cast

  28. Photo of Marton Csokas

    Marton Csokas Cast

  29. Photo of Danielle Cormack

    Danielle Cormack Cast

  30. Photo of Bruce Campbell

    Bruce Campbell Cast