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  1. Photo of Maren Hwang

    Maren Hwang Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Chen Yi-Wen

    Chen Yi-Wen Cast

  3. Photo of Liu Kuan-Ting

    Liu Kuan-Ting Cast

  4. Photo of Na Dow

    Na Dow Cast

  5. Photo of Wu Chien-ho

    Wu Chien-ho Cast

  6. Photo of Yin Shin

    Yin Shin Cast

  7. Photo of Laurence Chiu

    Laurence Chiu Cast

  8. Photo of Chang Shao-Huai

    Chang Shao-Huai Cast

  9. Photo of Samantha Shu-Chin Ko

    Samantha Shu-Chin Ko Cast

  10. Photo of Wu Kang-Jen

    Wu Kang-Jen Cast

  11. Photo of Jao Cincin

    Jao Cincin Cast

  12. Photo of Huang Hsin-yao

    Huang Hsin-yao Voice

  13. Photo of Luming Lu

    Luming Lu Music

  14. Photo of Chung Mong-Hong

    Chung Mong-Hong Executive Producer and Cinematography

  15. Photo of Lai Hsiu-Hsiung

    Lai Hsiu-Hsiung Editing

  16. Photo of Man Chi-Ming

    Man Chi-Ming Editing

  17. Photo of Tu Duu-Chih

    Tu Duu-Chih Sound