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  1. Photo of Carlos Diegues

    Carlos Diegues Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jarbas Barbosa

    Jarbas Barbosa Producer

  3. Photo of Airton Correa

    Airton Correa Producer

  4. Photo of Hélio Ferraz

    Hélio Ferraz Producer

  5. Photo of José Oliosi

    José Oliosi Producer

  6. Photo of Antonio Callado

    Antonio Callado Screenplay

  7. Photo of José Medeiros

    José Medeiros Cinematography

  8. Photo of Jorge Ben

    Jorge Ben Music

  9. Photo of Roberto Menescal

    Roberto Menescal Music

  10. Photo of Zezé Motta

    Zezé Motta Cast

  11. Photo of Walmor Chagas

    Walmor Chagas Cast

  12. Photo of Altair Lima

    Altair Lima Cast

  13. Photo of José Wilker

    José Wilker Cast

  14. Photo of Stepan Nercessian

    Stepan Nercessian Cast

  15. Photo of Elke Maravilha

    Elke Maravilha Cast

  16. Photo of Rodolfo Arena

    Rodolfo Arena Cast

  17. Photo of Marcus Vinicius

    Marcus Vinicius Cast

  18. Photo of João Felicio dos Santos

    João Felicio dos Santos Cast and Screenplay

  19. Photo of Dara Kocy

    Dara Kocy Cast

  20. Photo of Adalberto Silva

    Adalberto Silva Cast

  21. Photo of Julio Mackenzie

    Julio Mackenzie Cast

  22. Photo of Beto Leão

    Beto Leão Cast

  23. Photo of Luis Motta

    Luis Motta Cast

  24. Photo of Paulo Padilha

    Paulo Padilha Cast

  25. Photo of Baby Conceicao

    Baby Conceicao Cast

  26. Photo of Iara Jati

    Iara Jati Cast

  27. Photo of Alberto Patu

    Alberto Patu Cast

  28. Photo of Luis Felipe

    Luis Felipe Cast

  29. Photo of Mair Tavares

    Mair Tavares Editing

  30. Photo of Luiz Carlos Saldanha

    Luiz Carlos Saldanha Sound