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  1. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film XXY

  2. jacqueslefataliste's rating of the film XXY

    J’ai trouvé ce film très décevant. Le thème de l’hermaphrodisme mériterait un traitement beaucoup plus spontané et sincère. Ici, tout m’a semblé trop artificiel et pesant.

  3. jacline huet's rating of the film XXY

    Excellent, tout en finesse...remarquablement bien joué...Bravo!

  4. Katya Kazbek's rating of the film XXY

    Searing, beautiful film, and I was especially thankful for the emphasis on Alex not having/wanting/being able to choose which of the binaries to belong to. Also loved the unexpected power play and attitudes between characters according to their gender. However, I do wish that a real transman played the older guy that Alex's Dad goes to seek advice from, not a cis male actor.

  5. Laura Murtinha's rating of the film XXY

  6. Corriel's rating of the film XXY

    Nice and good coming of age film on a delicate topic. (3.5)

  7. Carambotti's rating of the film XXY

    Intersexual 15 year old faces her future with a family trying to support/understand her world. Brazilian coast scenery, with remarkable performances.

  8. Balthaz21's rating of the film XXY

  9. Philipp Reinke's rating of the film XXY

    Sehr guter Film über das Anderssein, über das Verlorensein in der Welt, über Menschen, die urteilen, ohne über ihren kleinen Tellerrand hinauszuschauen, und über die Erkentniss, dass Andersartigkeit ein Privileg und keine Bürde ist, dass man sein soll, wer man ist und nicht in eine Rolle schlüpfen soll, wie in ein Korsett, dass die Luft zum Leben nimmt, nur um anderen zu gefallen.

  10. Dr. Walther Jungwirth's rating of the film XXY

    schwieriges Thema sehr subtil und einfühlsam behandelt

  11. Chris's rating of the film XXY

    handles the subject (which I admittedly do not know much about) very sensitively, and a great performance from Ines Efron (Alex)

  12. Thomas's rating of the film XXY

  13. Ritmix's rating of the film XXY

    Intensive and dramatic.

  14. klofter's rating of the film XXY

    It's too bad the film ultimately succumbs to predictable melodramatic trappings. The early tentative friendship between Alex and Alvaro was so compelling that I really didn't care about the adults' struggle to come to terms with Alex' situation. Along the way Alex' point of view was lost and the film suffered greatly from it. Still, there are some truly affecting and heartbreaking moments here.

  15. Abhi's rating of the film XXY

    immensely contemplative! A brilliant first feature

  16.'s rating of the film XXY

    Gorgeous!!! The cinematography, the settings and the story line are all impressive! These are the kind of movies I was hoping to find on Mubi, thank you!

  17. T Mills's rating of the film XXY

    The material is well-handled whereas it could have been a total disaster in the wrong hands. The exploration of complex sexuality is very powerful and all the performances are strong.

  18. Clay_Carter's rating of the film XXY

    Film is a fine medium to inspire empathy for those on the fringe, and, sometimes, entering that type of thought-space can be uncomfortable and doleful. The story communicates this realm of sexually ambivalence well enough but its method is often heavy handed. I'm surprised more screen time was dedicated to the physical state rather than the finer emotional one. To the end, the camera is bent on seeing over feeling.

  19. Matthew Chuckran's rating of the film XXY

    What this movie does well, it does very well; namely capturing the emotional struggles a family trying to navigate through an ambiguous juncture. But the technical aspects within the storytelling don't quite reach the same levels. The subplots are incomplete and muddled which unfortunately overshadows some really impressive acting and a very sincere handling of a subject we don't see enough of in film.

  20. El Biffo's rating of the film XXY

    Very good film with a great cast, however.....(SPOILER WARNING)...I have seen enough of films that paint LGBTQ people as "tragic". I want to see more films that celebrate people's individuality! This film started to do that, but ultimately veered towards a stereotypical ending.

  21. Armando's rating of the film XXY

    The story of an intersex adolescent and a young man who falls for her/him in a small Argentinian town by the ocean. A very balanced and insightful film about the mysteries of our sexual identity.

  22. Wee Hunk's rating of the film XXY

    I agree with kampton's assessment that it was heavy handed. It's a problem when movies begin to deal with a sensitive subject. I think there will be better ones in the future.

  23. kampton's rating of the film XXY

    A bit heavy handed at times (e.g the carrot chopping scene, the callous plastic surgeon vs the sensitive marine biologist) but in the end a satisfying movie about how emotionally healthy people deal with confusion and crisis. Alex was an especially powerful character, especially well acted. It is interesting that, because she/he was allowed to be fully sexual, we are allowed not to objectify her/him.

  24. ara's rating of the film XXY

    saw it a while back & i found it quite striking + i'm very glad to see intersex people being represented, especially latino ones! def worth a watch

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