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  1. Florence Frances's rating of the film XXY

    Condemned to Lethe. No Catharsis, no rythme, no real characters. Average directing & acting. Flat story. Good photography. The idea was good but the film condemned to be forgotten.

  2. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film XXY

  3. Yellow Cotton Hat's rating of the film XXY

    This film was so beautiful in so many ways, and incredibly bold with it. My ambition has been to direct for years now, but as I watching an intense kind of inspiration was filling me up. A serious must see. :')

  4. Adam Kustura's rating of the film XXY

    I remember watching this back in 2007 and being quite stunned by it, I do need to see it again and I definitely need to check out more of Lucía Puenzo's work.

  5. porcelainfox's rating of the film XXY

    A very brave film, this... To agree to take on such a complex task of telling the story of a struggling hermaphrodite, and to succeed in telling that story - to evoke emotion, confusion, fear, pity in the audience - must require a great deal of effort... perhaps even emotional effort. And I believe Lucia Puenzo has done a fantastic job. And the accents are so great..

  6. novanindro's rating of the film XXY

    "I want to sleep with you because I'll never fall in love with you".This is a very humane movie, very tender in it's treatment of a very delicate problem.i really like that

  7. etblikk's rating of the film XXY

    Nydelig og tankevekkende rundt kjønn og seksualitet. Pensumfilm for mine fremditige barn!

  8. jenifferp's rating of the film XXY

  9. Cristiano's rating of the film XXY

  10. Rodrigo's rating of the film XXY

    Filme interessante, mas faltou explorar mais profundamente a problemática vivida entre os personagens.

  11. susana-saguchi's rating of the film XXY

    O filme é lindo. A fotografia, direção e principalmente a atuação. No roteiro o que mais chama a atenção é o espaço que os pais dão a Alex para a escolha. O lugar é muito bonito.. Faz o filme ficar mais interessante. 5 estrelas.

  12. elouise1979's rating of the film XXY

    i want to marry the girl who played Alex. she is perfect. very beautiful movie.

  13. oki's rating of the film XXY

    Once in a while a film comes along that is difficult to simply analyze. Its characters are no longer characters, but people you simply give a fuck about. XXY is such a film I keep tucked away in some raging corner of my being.

  14. Lamb's rating of the film XXY

    I thought it was a beautiful portrayal of an awkward subject that in today's society calls for "normalization". Alex is confused, not sure if she identifies herself as male or female or is interested in men or women. She is simply herself. I didn't find the relations cold, only distant. No one else can relate to what she is going through, so they react the only way they know how.

  15. Lizzzy's rating of the film XXY

    Pierre, i really disagree about the coldness. I think the relationship between father and child is so well portrayed. His warmth towards Alex is so liberating. But they are lost in society - NOT to themselves - and that lostness is not coldness. For example, when Alex questions if a decision has to be made. Society pushes for clear gender borders. We can't even talk of people without gender! He/she/her/him.

  16. Pierre's rating of the film XXY

    There's a pervasive atmosphere of coldness to this film. No one seems to connect with one another, not even parents or spouses. They're all alien satellites seemingly united for one cause, but even then there is little consensus. On top of that the subject of the film is under pressure from boys, parents and puberty in a decision that may alter her life forever. Such is the world of an outsider.

  17. Ardhi Syaifuddin's rating of the film XXY

    A smart way of telling a sensitive subject

  18. In An Expression Of The Inexpressible's rating of the film XXY

    Big credits for the chosen theme, the smart handing of the story, the realism and the uncompromised presenting of the (young and confused) sexuality.

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