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  1. In Prague's rating of the film Yanco

    An ensorcelling tale about an imaginary-imaginal time when art was closer to transgressive self-expression and witchcraft than to an optimal interpersonal bridge, and shaping beauty was a redemptive theogony and a bypass to remodel the universal in a juster way, “Yanco” features those wonderful poplar-like trees that I fell for in "Maria Candelaria" and that make the film look as an altar with Jean Rouch modulations.

  2. Panji's rating of the film Yanco

    Sweet story, adorable cast, adorable character. Thanks to Yuki for the recomendatweet :)

  3. gory™'s rating of the film Yanco

    Thanks yuki for telling me this Wonderful gem and also thanks to canaletto for the link :)

  4. Canaletto's rating of the film Yanco