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  1. Photo of Bairam Abdullayev

    Bairam Abdullayev Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lora Stepanskaya

    Lora Stepanskaya Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Aman Khandurdiyev

    Aman Khandurdiyev Cast

  4. Photo of Oguldzhan Niyazberdyyeva

    Oguldzhan Niyazberdyyeva Cast

  5. Photo of Artyk Dzhallyyev

    Artyk Dzhallyyev Cast

  6. Photo of Chary Ishankuliyev

    Chary Ishankuliyev Cast

  7. Photo of Islam Islamov

    Islam Islamov Cast

  8. Photo of Murad Orazov

    Murad Orazov Cast

  9. Photo of Leonid Maizel

    Leonid Maizel Cast

  10. Photo of Ailar Tachmedova

    Ailar Tachmedova Cast

  11. Photo of Batyr Atayev

    Batyr Atayev Cinematography

  12. Photo of Vladimir Sporyshkov

    Vladimir Sporyshkov Cinematography

  13. Photo of Aman Agadzikov

    Aman Agadzikov Music

  14. Photo of Gusejn Gusejnov

    Gusejn Gusejnov Production Design

  15. Photo of Ada Gutlyyev

    Ada Gutlyyev Production Design

  16. Photo of Kadin Annayev

    Kadin Annayev Editing

  17. Photo of Chaly Annakhalov

    Chaly Annakhalov Sound