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  1. Photo of Hark Bohm

    Hark Bohm Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jens-Peter Ostendorf

    Jens-Peter Ostendorf Music

  3. Photo of Slawomir Idziak

    Slawomir Idziak Cinematography

  4. Photo of Moune Barius

    Moune Barius Editing

  5. Photo of Christian Bussmann

    Christian Bussmann Production Design

  6. Photo of Ayse Romey

    Ayse Romey Cast

  7. Photo of Uwe Bohm

    Uwe Bohm Cast

  8. Photo of Şener Şen

    Şener Şen Cast

  9. Photo of Ilhan Emirli

    Ilhan Emirli Cast

  10. Photo of Sevgi Özdamar

    Sevgi Özdamar Cast

  11. Photo of Toto Karaca

    Toto Karaca Cast

  12. Photo of Sebnem Selduez

    Sebnem Selduez Cast

  13. Photo of Nursel Köse

    Nursel Köse Cast

  14. Photo of Katharina Lehmann

    Katharina Lehmann Cast

  15. Photo of Nedim Hazar

    Nedim Hazar Cast

  16. Photo of Corinna Harfouch

    Corinna Harfouch Cast

  17. Photo of Kaya Gürel

    Kaya Gürel Cast

  18. Photo of Michael Gwisdek

    Michael Gwisdek Cast

  19. Photo of David Bohm

    David Bohm Cast