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  1. Photo of Christopher Frank

    Christopher Frank Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Bernard Giraudeau

    Bernard Giraudeau Cast

  3. Photo of Valérie Kaprisky

    Valérie Kaprisky Cast

  4. Photo of Caroline Cellier

    Caroline Cellier Cast

  5. Photo of Jacques Perrin

    Jacques Perrin Cast

  6. Photo of Béatrice Agenin

    Béatrice Agenin Cast

  7. Photo of Barbara Nielsen

    Barbara Nielsen Cast

  8. Photo of David Jalil

    David Jalil Cast

  9. Photo of Philippe Lemaire

    Philippe Lemaire Cast

  10. Photo of Pierre Vaneck

    Pierre Vaneck Cast

  11. Photo of Jean-Paul Dubarry

    Jean-Paul Dubarry Cast

  12. Photo of Betty Assenza

    Betty Assenza Cast

  13. Photo of Serge Gaubardy

    Serge Gaubardy Cast

  14. Photo of Charlotte Kady

    Charlotte Kady Cast

  15. Photo of Gill Matt

    Gill Matt Cast

  16. Photo of Antoine Nikola

    Antoine Nikola Cast

  17. Photo of Jean-Claude Pancrazi

    Jean-Claude Pancrazi Cast

  18. Photo of Emmanuelle Seigner

    Emmanuelle Seigner Cast

  19. Photo of Hedwige Thabuis

    Hedwige Thabuis Cast

  20. Photo of Renato Berta

    Renato Berta Cinematography

  21. Photo of Nina Hagen

    Nina Hagen Music

  22. Photo of Alain Wisniak

    Alain Wisniak Music

  23. Photo of Jean-Jacques Caziot

    Jean-Jacques Caziot Production Design

  24. Photo of Alain Terzian

    Alain Terzian Producer

  25. Photo of Nathalie Lafaurie

    Nathalie Lafaurie Editing

  26. Photo of Bernard Bats

    Bernard Bats Sound

  27. Photo of Yvette Frank

    Yvette Frank Costume Design