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  1. Photo of Tofiq Tagizada

    Tofiq Tagizada Director

  2. Photo of Yusif Samadoğlu

    Yusif Samadoğlu Screenplay

  3. Photo of Samad Vurğun

    Samad Vurğun Screenplay

  4. Photo of Rasim İsmayılov

    Rasim İsmayılov Cinematography

  5. Photo of Nadir Zeynalov

    Nadir Zeynalov Production Design

  6. Photo of Xayyam Mirzazada

    Xayyam Mirzazada Music

  7. Photo of Vladimir Savin

    Vladimir Savin Sound

  8. Photo of Tamara Narimanbayova

    Tamara Narimanbayova Editing

  9. Photo of Hasan Mammadov

    Hasan Mammadov Cast

  10. Photo of Anvar Hasanov

    Anvar Hasanov Cast

  11. Photo of Elçin Mammadov

    Elçin Mammadov Cast

  12. Photo of Abdül Mahmudov

    Abdül Mahmudov Cast

  13. Photo of Sahmar Alakbarov

    Sahmar Alakbarov Cast

  14. Photo of Rafiq Azimov

    Rafiq Azimov Cast

  15. Photo of Alasgar İbrahimov

    Alasgar İbrahimov Cast

  16. Photo of Hasanaga Turabov

    Hasanaga Turabov Cast

  17. Photo of İsmayıl Osmanlı

    İsmayıl Osmanlı Cast

  18. Photo of Zemfira İsmayılova

    Zemfira İsmayılova Cast

  19. Photo of Hamlet Xanizada

    Hamlet Xanizada Cast

  20. Photo of Farhad İsrafilov

    Farhad İsrafilov Cast

  21. Photo of Mammadrza Şeyxzamanov

    Mammadrza Şeyxzamanov Cast

  22. Photo of Mahluqa Sadıqova

    Mahluqa Sadıqova Cast

  23. Photo of Hacımammad Qafqazlı

    Hacımammad Qafqazlı Cast

  24. Photo of Ali Xalilov

    Ali Xalilov Cast

  25. Photo of Mammadsadıq Nuriyev

    Mammadsadıq Nuriyev Cast

  26. Photo of Hüseynağa Sadıqov

    Hüseynağa Sadıqov Cast

  27. Photo of Nazim Asgarov

    Nazim Asgarov Cast

  28. Photo of Eldaniz Zeynalov

    Eldaniz Zeynalov Cast

  29. Photo of Süsan Macidova

    Süsan Macidova Cast

  30. Photo of Sadıq Hasanzada

    Sadıq Hasanzada Cast

  31. Photo of Mikayil Mirza

    Mikayil Mirza Cast

  32. Photo of Ramiz Malikov

    Ramiz Malikov Cast

  33. Photo of Adalat Nasibov

    Adalat Nasibov Cast

  34. Photo of Sadıq Hüseynov

    Sadıq Hüseynov Cast