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  1. Photo of Jean-Marie Téno

    Jean-Marie Téno Director, Producer, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Bonaventure Takoukam

    Bonaventure Takoukam Cinematography

  3. Photo of Essindi Mindja

    Essindi Mindja Cast

  4. Photo of Félicité Wouassi

    Félicité Wouassi Cast

  5. Photo of Berthe Mbia

    Berthe Mbia Cast

  6. Photo of Jean Minguelé

    Jean Minguelé Cast

  7. Photo of Billy Komg

    Billy Komg Cast, Music

  8. Photo of Serange Mebina

    Serange Mebina Cast

  9. Photo of Sidonie Lebouca

    Sidonie Lebouca Cast

  10. Photo of Marie Bellanger

    Marie Bellanger Editing

  11. Photo of Edimo Dikobo

    Edimo Dikobo Sound