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  1. Photo of Gordan Mihić

    Gordan Mihić Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ružica Sokić

    Ružica Sokić Cast

  3. Photo of Vera Cukic

    Vera Cukic Cast

  4. Photo of Aleksandar Gavrić

    Aleksandar Gavrić Cast

  5. Photo of Boro Stjepanović

    Boro Stjepanović Cast

  6. Photo of Slobodan Aligrudić

    Slobodan Aligrudić Cast

  7. Photo of Žika Milenkovic

    Žika Milenkovic Cast

  8. Photo of Mira Banjac

    Mira Banjac Cast

  9. Photo of Miodrag Andrić

    Miodrag Andrić Cast

  10. Photo of Dusan Antonijevic

    Dusan Antonijevic Cast

  11. Photo of Ljubisa Bacic

    Ljubisa Bacic Cast

  12. Photo of Ljubomir Ćipranić

    Ljubomir Ćipranić Cast

  13. Photo of Mirko Dautovic

    Mirko Dautovic Cast

  14. Photo of Arsen Dedić

    Arsen Dedić Cast and Music

  15. Photo of Tomislav Gotovac

    Tomislav Gotovac Cast

  16. Photo of Bogdan Jakus

    Bogdan Jakus Cast

  17. Photo of Slavica Jeremic

    Slavica Jeremic Cast

  18. Photo of Damjan Klasnja

    Damjan Klasnja Cast

  19. Photo of Jovanka Kotlajic

    Jovanka Kotlajic Cast

  20. Photo of Petar Lupa

    Petar Lupa Cast

  21. Photo of Gabi Novak

    Gabi Novak Cast

  22. Photo of Dragica Novakovic

    Dragica Novakovic Cast

  23. Photo of Bozidar Pavicevic-Longa

    Bozidar Pavicevic-Longa Cast

  24. Photo of Lidija Petrovic

    Lidija Petrovic Cast

  25. Photo of Milivoje Popovic-Mavid

    Milivoje Popovic-Mavid Cast

  26. Photo of Bozidar Stankovic

    Bozidar Stankovic Cast

  27. Photo of Zlatibor Stoimirov

    Zlatibor Stoimirov Cast

  28. Photo of Dusan Vujisic

    Dusan Vujisic Cast

  29. Photo of Dara Vukotic-Plaovic

    Dara Vukotic-Plaovic Cast

  30. Photo of Milorad Jaksic-Fandjo

    Milorad Jaksic-Fandjo Cinematography

  31. Photo of Vladimir Tadej

    Vladimir Tadej Production Design and Director

  32. Photo of Jelena Bjenjas

    Jelena Bjenjas Editing

  33. Photo of Vojislav 'Vanja' Bjenjaš

    Vojislav 'Vanja' Bjenjaš Editing

  34. Photo of Marton Jankov-Tomica

    Marton Jankov-Tomica Sound

  35. Photo of Miodrag Petrović - Šarlo

    Miodrag Petrović - Šarlo Sound

  36. Photo of Marko Rodić

    Marko Rodić Sound