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94 Ratings

Yoga Hosers

Directed by Kevin Smith
United States, 2015
Comedy, Horror, Thriller


Two teenage yoga enthusiasts team up with a legendary man-hunter to battle with an ancient evil presence that is threatening their major party plans.

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Yoga Hosers Directed by Kevin Smith

What are people saying?

  • Steve Pulaski's rating of the film Yoga Hosers

    Kevin Smith's most intolerable, atrocious slog of a film. What could've been a compelling satire on millennials, a darkly absurd action-comedy, or basically a female-driven Clerks is a shockingly unfunny hodgepodge of Kevin Smith paying homage to himself amidst a tiresome array of culturally incorrect Canuck jokes. Takes everything that made Tusk one of his best movies and effectively made its follow-up insufferable.

  • dave gunn's rating of the film Yoga Hosers

    This was one of the worst films I've ever seen in my entire life, and I was just starting to believe Kevin Smith was back in the game. This wasn't meant to be a film for people; it was a fun project between a dad and his daughter--this dad just so happens to have easy access to film funding. Waste of money, waste of talent, and a waste of everyone who watches it's time.

  • Waxamillion's rating of the film Yoga Hosers

    Kevin Smith said he made this for 12yr old girl version of him. She wouldnt have liked this. Had a lot of the hallmarks of a KS film & a lot of potential to be a great teen indie flick but instead it relied on jokes written by a Dad about what he thinks a teenage girl thinks is funny. Amazing cast, but he doesnt let them be amazing. It tries too hard in all the wrong places & is flat where it should try harder

  • Felix Millan's rating of the film Yoga Hosers

    Really surprised how much I actually liked this. Yes, I am a massive Kevin Smith nerd, and he openly admitted his ususal gang of fans probably won't dig this flick. But damn fam...I had fun. Harley Smith and Lilly Depp were great, for new actresses I'm really looking forward to see what they will do down the road. Hands down though, Johnny Depp steals the show. His portrayal of Guy Lapointe was absolutely hilarious.

  • Michael Peer's rating of the film Yoga Hosers

    Without question: this is the worst film Kevin Smith has ever made. Yoga Hosers is shockingly lazy, frustratingly unfocused, and poorly executed. The only similarity this film has to Tusk is the loose universe. The film is a bunch of half-baked ideas that never go beyond the surface level. As a huge fan of Kevin Smith, this made me very sad. I was really looking forward to this one too...

  • PeterK94's rating of the film Yoga Hosers

    Irredeemable to the extent it feels like the director is personally mocking me. Kevin Smith’s 'too good for critics' attitude comes off as defensive rather than anything remotely clever.

  • Tiago Inácio's rating of the film Yoga Hosers

    was Kevin Smith high on acid or was he butt possessed by the Bratzis? this must be a family & friends private film that only the inner circle can get. appalling collage of nothing. Johnny Depp is in urgent need of a good film. films like this should make Mubi add a new rating option other than stars. how "aboot" a black circle?

  • lostlevel's rating of the film Yoga Hosers

    It's dumb but not utterly without some redeeming and funny moments... I suppose the trouble will be putting up with the rest of it. Much like the protagonists checking your phone intermittently might make it more palatable.

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