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  1. Photo of Amos Gitaï

    Amos Gitaï Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jacky Cukier

    Jacky Cukier Screenplay

  3. Photo of Moshe Ivgy

    Moshe Ivgy Cast

  4. Photo of Hanna Maron

    Hanna Maron Cast

  5. Photo of Juliano Mer-Khamis

    Juliano Mer-Khamis Cast

  6. Photo of Dalit Kahan

    Dalit Kahan Cast

  7. Photo of Yussuf Abu-Warda

    Yussuf Abu-Warda Cast

  8. Photo of Nataly Attiya

    Nataly Attiya Cast

  9. Photo of Anne Petit-Lagrange

    Anne Petit-Lagrange Cast

  10. Photo of Samuel Calderon

    Samuel Calderon Cast

  11. Photo of Gassan Abbas

    Gassan Abbas Cast

  12. Photo of Keren Mor

    Keren Mor Cast

  13. Photo of Irit Gidron

    Irit Gidron Cast

  14. Photo of David Cohen

    David Cohen Cast

  15. Photo of Aharon Milard

    Aharon Milard Cast

  16. Photo of Yehuda Tzanaani

    Yehuda Tzanaani Cast

  17. Photo of Shukri Amara

    Shukri Amara Cast

  18. Photo of Daniel Magen

    Daniel Magen Cast

  19. Photo of Asia Lerner

    Asia Lerner Cast

  20. Photo of Lilach Gavish

    Lilach Gavish Cast

  21. Photo of Gil Tevet

    Gil Tevet Cast

  22. Photo of Renato Berta

    Renato Berta Cinematography

  23. Photo of Phillip Kado

    Phillip Kado Music

  24. Photo of Thierry François

    Thierry François Production Design

  25. Photo of David Mandil

    David Mandil Producer

  26. Photo of Eyal Shiray

    Eyal Shiray Producer

  27. Photo of Michael Tapuah

    Michael Tapuah Producer

  28. Photo of Laurent Truchot

    Laurent Truchot Producer

  29. Photo of Nili Richter

    Nili Richter Editing

  30. Photo of Jean-Paul Toraille

    Jean-Paul Toraille Sound