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  1. Photo of Mayumi Amano

    Mayumi Amano Producer

  2. Photo of Shogo Ueno

    Shogo Ueno Cinematography

  3. Photo of Shinichi Fushima

    Shinichi Fushima Editing

  4. Photo of Naoko Ogigami

    Naoko Ogigami Director, Screenplay

  5. Photo of Hirokazu Kato

    Hirokazu Kato Sound

  6. Photo of Shigeru Abe

    Shigeru Abe Sound

  7. Photo of Hiroko Ide

    Hiroko Ide Music

  8. Photo of Takashi Matsuzuka

    Takashi Matsuzuka Production Design

  9. Photo of Masako Motai

    Masako Motai Cast

  10. Photo of Ryo Yoneda

    Ryo Yoneda Cast

  11. Photo of Kazuyuki Asano

    Kazuyuki Asano Cast

  12. Photo of Shota Okawa

    Shota Okawa Cast

  13. Photo of Hoshi Ishida

    Hoshi Ishida Cast

  14. Photo of Ryo Muramatsu

    Ryo Muramatsu Cast

  15. Photo of Natsuki Okamoto

    Natsuki Okamoto Cast

  16. Photo of Shinnosuke Miyao

    Shinnosuke Miyao Cast

  17. Photo of Senri Sakurai

    Senri Sakurai Cast

  18. Photo of Yoshiyuki Morishita

    Yoshiyuki Morishita Cast

  19. Photo of Seiko Takuma

    Seiko Takuma Cast