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  1. thebpicture's rating of the film You and Me

    Fritz Lang never ceases to amaze me. The beginning was great, camera work was superb, reminded me of his film, M. The beginning of the film was a favorite, great sequence. A great film in the midst of gang ridden America

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film You and Me

    Une oeuvre plutôt mineure du grand réalisateur, qui commence avec une irritante ode au capitalisme, qui poursuit vaille que vaille son petit chemin dans les méandres d'un sentimentalisme gentillet, pour ensuite nous gratifier d'une ridicule scène de retrouvailles entre truands, dans un sombre caveau et enfin se faire pardonner ses faiblesses, avec une excellente séquence, dans la dernière partie.

  3. Blumes's rating of the film You and Me

  4. Sudipto Basu's rating of the film You and Me

    Only the part after the accounting starts does it slacken down, but what a film before, damnit!

  5. Irma Vep's rating of the film You and Me

    The opening number is so bonkers/amazing:

  6. Brad S.'s rating of the film You and Me

    Really funny and with Lang's visual gifts intact, this was a surprise threat that really needs to be scne by Lang fans and those who like a good screwball comedy.

  7. Adam Suraf's rating of the film You and Me

    Lang's early American films are some of the best of his career, and this strange meld of romantic comedy, crime, Brechtian musical, and noirish expressionism (for Adolph Zukor and Paramount) is one of his most interesting projects.

  8. Daniel S.'s rating of the film You and Me

    **1/2 Music by Kurt Weill. When the former convicts meet up around a table, the scene echoes a similar scene appearing in M. While the last scenes of YOU AND ME are rather dull, the beginning of the film presents some exciting moments. For completists only.