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  1. Photo of Leszek Dawid

    Leszek Dawid Director

  2. Photo of Maciej Pisuk

    Maciej Pisuk Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marcin Kowalczyk

    Marcin Kowalczyk Cast

  4. Photo of Dawid Ogrodnik

    Dawid Ogrodnik Cast

  5. Photo of Tomasz Schuchardt

    Tomasz Schuchardt Cast

  6. Photo of Arkadiusz Jakubik

    Arkadiusz Jakubik Cast

  7. Photo of Marcin Dorociński

    Marcin Dorociński Cast

  8. Photo of Katarzyna Wajda

    Katarzyna Wajda Cast

  9. Photo of Radosław Ładczuk

    Radosław Ładczuk Cinematography

  10. Photo of Rahim

    Rahim Music

  11. Photo of Fokus

    Fokus Music

  12. Photo of Jarosław Kamiński

    Jarosław Kamiński Editing

  13. Photo of Leszek Freund

    Leszek Freund Sound

  14. Photo of Agata Culak

    Agata Culak Costume Design