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  1. Photo of Georgi Djulgerov

    Georgi Djulgerov Director, Editing, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Georgi Chelebiev

    Georgi Chelebiev Cinematography

  3. Photo of Liubov Liubcheva

    Liubov Liubcheva Cast

  4. Photo of Iliana Kitanova

    Iliana Kitanova Cast

  5. Photo of Radena Valkanova

    Radena Valkanova Cast

  6. Photo of Ani Vulchanova

    Ani Vulchanova Cast

  7. Photo of Dimitar Sardzhev

    Dimitar Sardzhev Cast

  8. Photo of Mira Iskarova

    Mira Iskarova Music and Cast

  9. Photo of Hristo Namliev

    Hristo Namliev Music

  10. Photo of Kristina Grozeva

    Kristina Grozeva Cast

  11. Photo of Mihaela Taneva

    Mihaela Taneva Cast

  12. Photo of Bogdan Glishev

    Bogdan Glishev Cast

  13. Photo of Sonya Ivanova

    Sonya Ivanova Cast