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  1. Photo of Teuvo Tulio

    Teuvo Tulio Director, Editing, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Regina Linnanheimo

    Regina Linnanheimo Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Kirsti Hurme

    Kirsti Hurme Cast

  4. Photo of Lauri Korpela

    Lauri Korpela Cast

  5. Photo of Nestori Lampi

    Nestori Lampi Cast

  6. Photo of Matti Lehtelä

    Matti Lehtelä Cast

  7. Photo of Eero Leväluoma

    Eero Leväluoma Cast

  8. Photo of Åke Lindman

    Åke Lindman Cast

  9. Photo of Hugo Ranta

    Hugo Ranta Cast

  10. Photo of Sven Relander

    Sven Relander Cast

  11. Photo of Rauha Rentola

    Rauha Rentola Cast

  12. Photo of Laila Rihte

    Laila Rihte Cast

  13. Photo of Ami Runnas

    Ami Runnas Cast

  14. Photo of Anton Soini

    Anton Soini Cast

  15. Photo of Kaarina Suonio

    Kaarina Suonio Cast

  16. Photo of Kaija Suonio

    Kaija Suonio Cast

  17. Photo of Kauko Vuorensola

    Kauko Vuorensola Cast

  18. Photo of Elli Ylimaa

    Elli Ylimaa Cast

  19. Photo of Veikko Laakso

    Veikko Laakso Cinematography

  20. Photo of Tauno Marttinen

    Tauno Marttinen Music