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  1. Photo of Jeannot Szwarc

    Jeannot Szwarc Director

  2. Photo of William Wood

    William Wood Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gerald Di Pego

    Gerald Di Pego Screenplay

  4. Photo of Cornell Woolrich

    Cornell Woolrich Screenplay

  5. Photo of David J. O'Connell

    David J. O'Connell Producer

  6. Photo of Harve Bennett

    Harve Bennett Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Richard Clements

    Richard Clements Music

  8. Photo of Walter Strenge

    Walter Strenge Cinematography

  9. Photo of Richard G. Wray

    Richard G. Wray Editing

  10. Photo of Charles Waldo

    Charles Waldo Costume Design

  11. Photo of David H. Moriarty

    David H. Moriarty Sound

  12. Photo of David Hartman

    David Hartman Cast

  13. Photo of Jane Wyatt

    Jane Wyatt Cast

  14. Photo of Ralph Meeker

    Ralph Meeker Cast

  15. Photo of Jess Walton

    Jess Walton Cast

  16. Photo of Joseph Campanella

    Joseph Campanella Cast

  17. Photo of Colby Chester

    Colby Chester Cast

  18. Photo of George Murdock

    George Murdock Cast

  19. Photo of Bill Vint

    Bill Vint Cast

  20. Photo of Brett Parker

    Brett Parker Cast