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  1. Photo of Pang Ho-Cheung

    Pang Ho-Cheung Director, Cast, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Cheung Tat-Ming

    Cheung Tat-Ming Cast

  3. Photo of Eric Kot

    Eric Kot Cast

  4. Photo of Hyper BB

    Hyper BB Cast

  5. Photo of Kenneth Bi

    Kenneth Bi Cast

  6. Photo of Tats Lau

    Tats Lau Cast

  7. Photo of Vincent Kok

    Vincent Kok Cast, Producer Screenplay

  8. Photo of Henry Fong

    Henry Fong Cast

  9. Photo of Matt Chow

    Matt Chow Cast

  10. Photo of Spencer Lam

    Spencer Lam Cast

  11. Photo of Lam Suet

    Lam Suet Cast

  12. Photo of Ting Yip Ng

    Ting Yip Ng Cast

  13. Photo of Wilson Yip

    Wilson Yip Cast

  14. Photo of O Sing-Pui

    O Sing-Pui Cinematography

  15. Photo of Peter Kam

    Peter Kam Music

  16. Photo of Raymond Chow

    Raymond Chow Producer

  17. Photo of Wenders Li

    Wenders Li Editing