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  1. Photo of Roy Andersson

    Roy Andersson Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jessika Lundberg

    Jessika Lundberg Cast

  3. Photo of Elisabeth Helander

    Elisabeth Helander Cast

  4. Photo of Björn Englund

    Björn Englund Cast

  5. Photo of Birgitta Persson

    Birgitta Persson Cast

  6. Photo of Leif Larsson

    Leif Larsson Cast

  7. Photo of Olle Olson

    Olle Olson Cast

  8. Photo of Kemal Sener

    Kemal Sener Cast

  9. Photo of Håkan Angser

    Håkan Angser Cast

  10. Photo of Rolf Engström

    Rolf Engström Cast

  11. Photo of Gunnar Ivarsson

    Gunnar Ivarsson Cast

  12. Photo of Eric Bäckman

    Eric Bäckman Cast

  13. Photo of Patrik Anders Edgren

    Patrik Anders Edgren Cast

  14. Photo of Lennart Eriksson

    Lennart Eriksson Cast

  15. Photo of Pär Fredriksson

    Pär Fredriksson Cast

  16. Photo of Jessica Nilsson

    Jessica Nilsson Cast

  17. Photo of Jörgen Nohall

    Jörgen Nohall Cast

  18. Photo of Waldemar Nowak

    Waldemar Nowak Cast

  19. Photo of Jan Wikbladh

    Jan Wikbladh Cast

  20. Photo of Bengt C.W. Carlsson

    Bengt C.W. Carlsson Cast

  21. Photo of Gustav Danielsson

    Gustav Danielsson Cinematography

  22. Photo of Benny Andersson

    Benny Andersson Music

  23. Photo of Pernilla Sandström

    Pernilla Sandström Producer

  24. Photo of Anna Märta Waern

    Anna Märta Waern Editing

  25. Photo of Jan Alvemark

    Jan Alvemark Sound