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  1. William R Clark's rating of the film Young Adam

  2. Viginti_tres's rating of the film Young Adam

    A dingy, erotic thriller that neither titillates nor renders much suspense. Highsmith by way of Lynn Ramsay is a fascinating enough hybrid to keep you interested though, especially with a cast like this.

  3. Druvis's rating of the film Young Adam

    Smoke. Fuck. Smoke. Fuck. Very predictable and very boring. Only the last 15 minutes perhaps gave some substance to the film. Do not recommend.

  4. superjano's rating of the film Young Adam

  5. Jason's rating of the film Young Adam

    Young Adam (dubious title notwithstanding) continues to strike me as one of the most underrated films of our era. I love especially how Ewan McGregor captures a particular brand of callowness that is amply abundant in our world but seldom adequately represented in our cinema. Obviously it should come as no surprise that Swinton and Mullan are amazing. The structure is exquisite, the existential prognosis dire.

  6. meancreek's rating of the film Young Adam

  7. Caden Cotard's rating of the film Young Adam

    An incredibly slow morality drama, held up by two brilliant performances from Ewan McGregor and Tilda Swinton. But Mackenzie's pace is just too languid for the film to mean much, and David Byrne's score is unfortunately a little disappointing. On the plus (or minus, whichever you prefer) side, you get to see Ewan, Tilda, and Emily Mortimer naked.

  8. StellaWasaDiver's rating of the film Young Adam

    Great score by David Byrne. I think their decision to leave out McGregor's narration was a poor one, judging from the few excertps they give as extras on the DVD. It sounded very lyrical and like it would have given us more to latch onto than the sparseness of the film.

  9. joanar's rating of the film Young Adam

  10. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Young Adam

    Really dull quasi-thriller without the slightest touch of suspense or tension. Strong performances from a great cast, but that's all there really is to recommend - a snail-paced, bland story that fails as a thriller and is too plodding to really work as a character study or anything else either. Nice score by David Byrne, though.