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  1. Photo of William A. Seiter

    William A. Seiter Director

  2. Photo of Hugh Stanislaus Stange

    Hugh Stanislaus Stange Screenplay

  3. Photo of Garrett Fort

    Garrett Fort Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ralph Murphy

    Ralph Murphy Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jane Murfin

    Jane Murfin Screenplay

  6. Photo of Helen Twelvetrees

    Helen Twelvetrees Cast

  7. Photo of Eric Linden

    Eric Linden Cast

  8. Photo of Arline Judge

    Arline Judge Cast

  9. Photo of Roscoe Judge

    Roscoe Judge Cast

  10. Photo of Polly Walters

    Polly Walters Cast

  11. Photo of Blanche Friderici

    Blanche Friderici Cast

  12. Photo of Cliff Edwards

    Cliff Edwards Cast

  13. Photo of Allen Fox

    Allen Fox Cast

  14. Photo of Edwin Maxwell

    Edwin Maxwell Cast

  15. Photo of Walter Percival

    Walter Percival Cast

  16. Photo of Phyllis Crane

    Phyllis Crane Cast

  17. Photo of Edmund Breese

    Edmund Breese Cast

  18. Photo of Harry Stubbs

    Harry Stubbs Cast

  19. Photo of Arthur C. Miller

    Arthur C. Miller Cinematography

  20. Photo of Carroll Clark

    Carroll Clark Production Design

  21. Photo of David O. Selznick

    David O. Selznick Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Joseph Kane

    Joseph Kane Editing

  23. Photo of John E. Tribby

    John E. Tribby Sound