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  1.'s rating of the film Young Light

    (...)Am besten ist Junges Licht, wenn die Kehrseite der sauberen Moral der alten Bundesrepublik durchschlägt: Da ist die Nachbarstochter Maruscha (Greta Sophie Schmidt), eine verruchte Lolita, die Vater und Sohn um den Finger wickelt. Ihr Stiefvater überrascht Julian und verwickelt ihn in anzüglich schmierige Gespräche(...)

  2. Linda's rating of the film Young Light

    Interesting movie about the Ruhr area. since the 60s the area has transformed enormously, so it's awesome to see how it once looked like, esp. when you live there now. The film changed from black and white/square format to colour/normal format randomly. I had no idea what the director wanted to say with those changes and found it very odd and confusing. And I hated the soundtrack that basically was just one song.