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  1. Photo of Roland af Hällström

    Roland af Hällström Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jussi Talvi

    Jussi Talvi Screenplay

  3. Photo of F.E. Sillanpää

    F.E. Sillanpää Novel

  4. Photo of Eila Peitsalo

    Eila Peitsalo Cast

  5. Photo of Tea Ista

    Tea Ista Cast

  6. Photo of Pertti Weckström

    Pertti Weckström Cast

  7. Photo of Paavo Hyttilä

    Paavo Hyttilä Cast

  8. Photo of Ture Junttu

    Ture Junttu Cast

  9. Photo of Elvi Saarnio

    Elvi Saarnio Cast

  10. Photo of Matti Aro

    Matti Aro Cast

  11. Photo of Mauri Heikkilä

    Mauri Heikkilä Cast

  12. Photo of Eila Roine

    Eila Roine Cast

  13. Photo of Eero Leväluoma

    Eero Leväluoma Cast

  14. Photo of Anton Soini

    Anton Soini Cast

  15. Photo of Saimi Vuolle

    Saimi Vuolle Cast

  16. Photo of Seppo Kolehmainen

    Seppo Kolehmainen Cast

  17. Photo of Fanni Halonen

    Fanni Halonen Cast

  18. Photo of Esko Varilo

    Esko Varilo Cast

  19. Photo of Lennart Lauramaa

    Lennart Lauramaa Cast

  20. Photo of Airi Osa

    Airi Osa Cast

  21. Photo of Vili Auvinen

    Vili Auvinen Cast

  22. Photo of Matti Lehtelä

    Matti Lehtelä Cast

  23. Photo of Esko Töyri

    Esko Töyri Cinematography

  24. Photo of Lauri Elo

    Lauri Elo Production Design

  25. Photo of Mauno Mäkelä

    Mauno Mäkelä Producer

  26. Photo of Nils Holm

    Nils Holm Editing

  27. Photo of Gösta Salminen

    Gösta Salminen Sound

  28. Photo of Tuomo Kattilakoski

    Tuomo Kattilakoski Sound