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  1. Photo of Lev Kuleshov

    Lev Kuleshov Director

  2. Photo of Igor Savchenko

    Igor Savchenko Director

  3. Photo of Vanda Vasilevskaya

    Vanda Vasilevskaya Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lev Kassil

    Lev Kassil Screenplay

  5. Photo of Yevgeni Pomeshchikov

    Yevgeni Pomeshchikov Screenplay

  6. Photo of Nikolai Rozhkov

    Nikolai Rozhkov Screenplay

  7. Photo of Georgi Tasin

    Georgi Tasin Screenplay

  8. Photo of Galina Stepanova

    Galina Stepanova Cast

  9. Photo of Yuri Ionov

    Yuri Ionov Cast

  10. Photo of Anton Dunajsky

    Anton Dunajsky Cast

  11. Photo of Hans Klering

    Hans Klering Cast

  12. Photo of Sergei Martinson

    Sergei Martinson Cast

  13. Photo of Andrey Fayt

    Andrey Fayt Cast

  14. Photo of Vladimir Pimenov

    Vladimir Pimenov Cast

  15. Photo of Aleksandr Pupko

    Aleksandr Pupko Cast

  16. Photo of Liliya Kovalenko

    Liliya Kovalenko Cast

  17. Photo of Valentina Chistyakova

    Valentina Chistyakova Cast

  18. Photo of Boris Andreyev

    Boris Andreyev Cast

  19. Photo of Yuri Yekelchik

    Yuri Yekelchik Cinematography

  20. Photo of Mikhail Kirillov

    Mikhail Kirillov Cinematography

  21. Photo of Sergei Pototsky

    Sergei Pototsky Music

  22. Photo of Pyotr Galadzhev

    Pyotr Galadzhev Production Design and Cast