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  1. Photo of Rod Hardy

    Rod Hardy Director

  2. Photo of Simon Wincer

    Simon Wincer Director

  3. Photo of George Miller

    George Miller Director and Producer

  4. Photo of Graeme Arthur

    Graeme Arthur Director

  5. Photo of Gary Conway

    Gary Conway Director

  6. Photo of Bert Deling

    Bert Deling Director

  7. Photo of Pino Amenta

    Pino Amenta Director

  8. Photo of Kevin James Dobson

    Kevin James Dobson Director

  9. Photo of Tom Hegarty

    Tom Hegarty Screenplay

  10. Photo of Vincent Moran

    Vincent Moran Screenplay

  11. Photo of Sarah Darling

    Sarah Darling Screenplay

  12. Photo of John Graham

    John Graham Screenplay

  13. Photo of Denise Morgan

    Denise Morgan Screenplay

  14. Photo of David Stevens

    David Stevens Screenplay and Director

  15. Photo of Phil Freedman

    Phil Freedman Screenplay

  16. Photo of Keith Hetherington

    Keith Hetherington Screenplay

  17. Photo of Roger Simpson

    Roger Simpson Screenplay

  18. Photo of Sonia Borg

    Sonia Borg Screenplay

  19. Photo of John Hargreaves

    John Hargreaves Cast

  20. Photo of Serge Lazareff

    Serge Lazareff Cast

  21. Photo of Vic Gordon

    Vic Gordon Cast

  22. Photo of Barbara Llewellyn

    Barbara Llewellyn Cast

  23. Photo of Louise Howitt

    Louise Howitt Cast

  24. Photo of Henry Crawford

    Henry Crawford Producer

  25. Photo of Ian Crawford

    Ian Crawford Executive Producer