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  1. Vincent T's rating of the film Young Törless

  2. Balthaz21's rating of the film Young Törless

  3. kinotopia's rating of the film Young Törless

    a story of terrorism and torture with what seems like a WWII-apologist ending. the stoic antagonist who watches it all is very composed and pensive, and once it's all over he's censured by being sent back home.

  4. FISCHER's rating of the film Young Törless

    Incontestablement original, mais de plus en plus minimaliste et sans aucune réelle émotion apparente. C'est fort dommage, mais superbe tout de même dans sa charmante nonchalance un peu désespérée et fataliste...

  5. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film Young Törless

  6. Mario Zaragoza's rating of the film Young Törless

    Based on a novel of Mussil, the film is an essay about the awakening of a lucid mind. Likely some other adaptations, even if there are accurate sequences, cinema devitalizes literature.

  7. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Young Törless

    Lo de Torless va más allá de la complicidad. El joven no solo contempla cómo la crueldad se manifiesta, sino que además la va asumiendo con cinismo. Por encima de su moral, está su curiosidad por la naturaleza de la humillación. Ve en la víctima y sus agresores como utensilios de su experimento. Esto lo turba, pero a su vez se deja arrastrar por cómo terminará todo esto. Ya para el juicio, todos parecen librarse.

  8. Jugend21's rating of the film Young Törless

    interesting interpretation, but it's just missing so much (which, given the nature of the book, is probably inevitable). I can only see this as a complement to the book, rather than a film standing on its own.

  9. lndah's rating of the film Young Törless

    I begin to think this is the most relatable movie i've ever watched in my life. It's been a month since i first watched it, the premise is still haunting me.

  10. Ally the Manic Listmaker's rating of the film Young Törless

  11. yulquen's rating of the film Young Törless

    men are cruel, banal shapes.

  12. Th MZA's rating of the film Young Törless

    Brutal ... Lord of the Flies transplanted to an all-boys boarding school ... in which the boys desire and repel one another in the usual teenage manner ... and just when it gets most rapey and violent ... our protagonist pulls us all back from the sexploitation abyss using nothing but the power of his burgeoning intellect. There really ought to be a sequel to this film ... years after ... Prime Minister Torless ...!

  13. frequency_one's rating of the film Young Törless

    At times painful to watch, but a fascinating study of power structures in turn-of-the-century Germany and their obvious consequences.

  14. Joel's rating of the film Young Törless

    Although short of being a masterpiece Young Torless certainly asks some deep questions. A a tough coming-of-age engagement with the roots of Nazi Germany and much reflecting on the nature of evil. Criterion's version is in beautiful stark black and white. A worthwhile watch.

  15. Lee Bullitt's rating of the film Young Törless

    New German Cinema's answer to a "coming of age" story. the right answer, too, if you want to get down to it. I loved it.

  16. Remote Viewer's rating of the film Young Törless

    Törless, dressed as a Nietzschean bellhop, examines the world in an analytical and detached fashion, using intellectualism to justify his fascination with human cruelty. After much ‘cape fluttering’ and philosophical brooding, he blows his moral circuitry and accepts responsibility for his inaction against evildoing. -- a visually traditional // ethically complex // fascist allegory.

  17. Ian Edwards's rating of the film Young Törless

    This is the perfect reintroduction of German Cinema after the atrocities of WWII; the guilt and existential crisis that was surely felt all over is so very, very well portrayed in this work. While it isn't perfect, it is the perfect beginning to the Neue Deutsche Kino, and is also an excellent personal introduction to the movement.