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Ratings & Reviews

  1. BearCat Truck Trays's rating of the film Young Yakuza

    wow! we met a yakuza on the beach in Hawaii '78. he was inked from head to toe. quiet calmness was his aura

  2. Tyler Aikens's rating of the film Young Yakuza

    I have to seriously question the authenticity of this "documentary". It's far too polished, too rehearsed, too perfect. Here we are in the thick of Yakuza activity, and not one single face is blurred. But then again, one must ask himself why on earth would someone make a faux-doc so excrutiatingly boring.

  3. Zachary Curl's rating of the film Young Yakuza

    while not as potent as a documentary about yakuza and what they do, Young Yakuza prevails in bringing the viewer into the fold, letting us see what we normally wouldn't; letting us behind the tough, exterior curtain to see people much like ourselves engaging in a very strict social hierarchy. i do feel, though, that this is a better picture for those already familiar, to some extent, with what the yakuza are.

  4. anferlo's rating of the film Young Yakuza

    They don't show what's behind "the line", as they said. I think it's such another point of view.

  5. Richard Parkins's rating of the film Young Yakuza

    An extremely fascinating insight indeed into the yakuza - especially from the point of view of the "boss". However, I cannot help but feel that I still do not know what exactly the yakuza do.

  6. rhinohouse's rating of the film Young Yakuza

    Pretty dull stuff. I have no idea how they show a profit in modern times. Were they afraid of offending Yakuza? I get the feeling an important part of this film was cut out & what is left is pretty dull stuff.

  7. Ben's rating of the film Young Yakuza

    May have benefited from the inclusion of another perspective (say, the authorities) to lend credence to the reputation they imply but nevertheless a fascinating focus on their honour and value system as opposed to crime and violence.

  8. nicholas's rating of the film Young Yakuza

    one of my fav docs. an amazing look into the yukuza

  9. Ishmael's rating of the film Young Yakuza

    Interesting doc, but i think that the "deal" of the film (not showing the illegal activities) are making this poor Yakuza gang a little too tying...