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  1. Photo of Brunello Rondi

    Brunello Rondi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Luciano Martino

    Luciano Martino Screenplay

  3. Photo of Francesco Scardamaglia

    Francesco Scardamaglia Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lino Capolicchio

    Lino Capolicchio Cast

  5. Photo of Erna Schurer

    Erna Schurer Cast

  6. Photo of Colette Descombes

    Colette Descombes Cast

  7. Photo of José Quaglio

    José Quaglio Cast

  8. Photo of Elena Cotta

    Elena Cotta Cast

  9. Photo of Irene Aloisi

    Irene Aloisi Cast

  10. Photo of Paolo Rosani

    Paolo Rosani Cast

  11. Photo of Gianni Pulone

    Gianni Pulone Cast

  12. Photo of Bruno Alias

    Bruno Alias Cast

  13. Photo of Giuseppe Marrocco

    Giuseppe Marrocco Cast

  14. Photo of Alessandro D'Eva

    Alessandro D'Eva Cinematography

  15. Photo of Giorgio Gaslini

    Giorgio Gaslini Music

  16. Photo of Michele Massimo Tarantini

    Michele Massimo Tarantini Editing