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  1. Photo of María Ripoll

    María Ripoll Director

  2. Photo of Albert Espinosa

    Albert Espinosa Screenplay

  3. Photo of Javier Pereira

    Javier Pereira Cast

  4. Photo of Oriol Vila

    Oriol Vila Cast

  5. Photo of Marc Rodríguez

    Marc Rodríguez Cast

  6. Photo of Tamara Arias

    Tamara Arias Cast

  7. Photo of Irene Montalà

    Irene Montalà Cast

  8. Photo of Núria Gago

    Núria Gago Cast

  9. Photo of Ivan Massagué

    Ivan Massagué Cast

  10. Photo of Bruno Bergonzini

    Bruno Bergonzini Cast

  11. Photo of Bart Santana

    Bart Santana Cast

  12. Photo of Roger Ribó

    Roger Ribó Cast

  13. Photo of Ángela Jové

    Ángela Jové Cast

  14. Photo of Javier Arrontes

    Javier Arrontes Cinematography

  15. Photo of Marta Esteban

    Marta Esteban Producer

  16. Photo of Francisco Ramos

    Francisco Ramos Producer

  17. Photo of Ricardo García Arrojo

    Ricardo García Arrojo Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Irene Blecua

    Irene Blecua Editing

  19. Photo of Ferran Mengod

    Ferran Mengod Sound