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  1. Photo of Robert Montgomery

    Robert Montgomery Director and Cast

  2. Photo of David E. Rose

    David E. Rose Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Joan Harrison

    Joan Harrison Producer and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Hugo Butler

    Hugo Butler Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ian McLellan Hunter

    Ian McLellan Hunter Screenplay

  6. Photo of William Douglas-Home

    William Douglas-Home Screenplay

  7. Photo of Gerald Gibbs

    Gerald Gibbs Cinematography

  8. Photo of Lito Carruthers

    Lito Carruthers Editing

  9. Photo of Malcolm Arnold

    Malcolm Arnold Music

  10. Photo of Leslie Banks

    Leslie Banks Cast

  11. Photo of Felix Aylmer

    Felix Aylmer Cast

  12. Photo of Andrew Cruickshank

    Andrew Cruickshank Cast

  13. Photo of Patricia Cutts

    Patricia Cutts Cast

  14. Photo of Harcourt Williams

    Harcourt Williams Cast

  15. Photo of Jenny Laird

    Jenny Laird Cast

  16. Photo of Michael Ripper

    Michael Ripper Cast

  17. Photo of Ann Stephens

    Ann Stephens Cast

  18. Photo of Wylie Watson

    Wylie Watson Cast

  19. Photo of Noel Howlett

    Noel Howlett Cast

  20. Photo of James Hayter

    James Hayter Cast

  21. Photo of John Sharp

    John Sharp Cast

  22. Photo of Shelagh Fraser

    Shelagh Fraser Cast

  23. Photo of Dandy Nichols

    Dandy Nichols Cast

  24. Photo of Stanley Baker

    Stanley Baker Cast