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  1. Photo of Masami Hata

    Masami Hata Director

  2. Photo of Tsuji Shintarô

    Tsuji Shintarô Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Tomioka Atsushi

    Tomioka Atsushi Producer

  4. Photo of Hatano Tsunemasa

    Hatano Tsunemasa Producer

  5. Photo of Yamaki Iwao

    Yamaki Iwao Cinematography

  6. Photo of Masachika Ichimura

    Masachika Ichimura Cast

  7. Photo of Tomoko Mariya

    Tomoko Mariya Cast

  8. Photo of Miyuki Nakajima

    Miyuki Nakajima Cast

  9. Photo of Asei Kobayashi

    Asei Kobayashi Cast

  10. Photo of Satoshi Yoshioka

    Satoshi Yoshioka Editing

  11. Photo of Yukio Abe

    Yukio Abe Production Design

  12. Photo of Naozumi Yamamoto

    Naozumi Yamamoto Music

  13. Photo of Saitô Akira

    Saitô Akira Music

  14. Photo of Takabatake Kyû

    Takabatake Kyû Music, Screenplay

  15. Photo of Yamamoto Shigeru

    Yamamoto Shigeru Animation

  16. Photo of Akabori Mikiharu

    Akabori Mikiharu Animation

  17. Photo of Itô Katsumi

    Itô Katsumi Sound

  18. Photo of Imano Yasuyuki

    Imano Yasuyuki Sound