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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Mister No's rating of the film Yuki & Nina

  2. gloriamendoza's rating of the film Yuki & Nina

    I will be waiting for this picture.

  3. ArmPauFer's rating of the film Yuki & Nina

    Sweet and very kind movie about two 9 years little girls, living in France, whose parents are divorced. They are struggling about being apart from their frindeship, when Yuki's mother tells that they she and Yuki will return to Japan. They try child solutions but one day both girls left her homes together and looses in the florest. This is a lovely and challenging movie, both 2 girls act superbly. 8/10 Really great!

  4. Sue Denim's rating of the film Yuki & Nina

    It has its lengths but it's an impressingly accurate portrait of a child's state of mind in general and a child's way of coping with a dissoluting family in particular. The girls were extremely well casted as well, I thought.

  5. Alex M.'s rating of the film Yuki & Nina

    Worth watching for the last half-an-hour.