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  1. Photo of Takahisa Zeze

    Takahisa Zeze Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Tôma Ikuta

    Tôma Ikuta Cast

  3. Photo of Eita

    Eita Cast

  4. Photo of Koichi Sato

    Koichi Sato Cast

  5. Photo of Kaho

    Kaho Cast

  6. Photo of Mizuki Yamamoto

    Mizuki Yamamoto Cast

  7. Photo of Yasuko Tomita

    Yasuko Tomita Cast

  8. Photo of Eita Okuno

    Eita Okuno Cast

  9. Photo of Iida Kaoru

    Iida Kaoru Cast

  10. Photo of Mantarô Koichi

    Mantarô Koichi Cast

  11. Photo of Kenichi Yajima

    Kenichi Yajima Cast

  12. Photo of Munetaka Aoki

    Munetaka Aoki Cast

  13. Photo of Shûgo Oshinari

    Shûgo Oshinari Cast

  14. Photo of Naomi Nishida

    Naomi Nishida Cast

  15. Photo of Jun Murakami

    Jun Murakami Cast

  16. Photo of Reiko Kataoka

    Reiko Kataoka Cast

  17. Photo of Hoshi Ishida

    Hoshi Ishida Cast

  18. Photo of Ayu Kitaura

    Ayu Kitaura Cast

  19. Photo of Maki Sakai

    Maki Sakai Cast

  20. Photo of Kanji Furutachi

    Kanji Furutachi Cast

  21. Photo of Shôhei Uno

    Shôhei Uno Cast

  22. Photo of Shima Ohnishi

    Shima Ohnishi Cast

  23. Photo of Makiko Watanabe

    Makiko Watanabe Cast

  24. Photo of Ken Mitsuishi

    Ken Mitsuishi Cast