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  1. Photo of Nisan Hançer

    Nisan Hançer Director

  2. Photo of M. Nuri Seybi

    M. Nuri Seybi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Levent Çakir

    Levent Çakir Cast

  4. Photo of Ece Cansel

    Ece Cansel Cast

  5. Photo of Nevzat Açikgöz

    Nevzat Açikgöz Cast

  6. Photo of Muzaffer Tema

    Muzaffer Tema Cast

  7. Photo of Turgut Özatay

    Turgut Özatay Cast

  8. Photo of Yavuz Selekman

    Yavuz Selekman Cast

  9. Photo of Ergun Köknar

    Ergun Köknar Cast

  10. Photo of Nuri Kirgeç

    Nuri Kirgeç Cast

  11. Photo of Yilmaz Türkoglu

    Yilmaz Türkoglu Cast

  12. Photo of Ahmet Sert

    Ahmet Sert Cast

  13. Photo of Faik Coskun

    Faik Coskun Cast

  14. Photo of Tuncer Yenice

    Tuncer Yenice Cast

  15. Photo of Cevdet Balikçi

    Cevdet Balikçi Cast

  16. Photo of Cango Kemal

    Cango Kemal Cast

  17. Photo of Niyazi Gökdere

    Niyazi Gökdere Cast

  18. Photo of Kubilay Hakan

    Kubilay Hakan Cast

  19. Photo of Pasa Gündogdu

    Pasa Gündogdu Cinematography

  20. Photo of Hasan Tual

    Hasan Tual Producer