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  1. Adam Laurence Pitt's rating of the film Zama

  2. William R Clark's rating of the film Zama

    I want to rewatch it. I can confidentially say that it captures the nauseating feeling of reading the novel's short, dagger-esque paragraphs quite well, through long takes that aren't as long as you are thinking. I'd like to give this the 5 stars it deserves (and I'm sure Martel wants my approval!), but the unpleasantness of it all keeps suggesting otherwise. Film at its most seductive and trying.

  3. jenstor's rating of the film Zama

  4. Mariana Basílio's rating of the film Zama

    the type of surrealism i can only dream of making

  5. RJT's rating of the film Zama

    Sublimely textural and narratively diffuse. Often wonders off on poetic curlicues in thrilling ways. The dense sonic landscape is richly unusual, filled to the brim with otherworldly chirps and swirls. The aural and visual are synthesized in a sophisticated fashion, eschewing plot for tone. The tactile world built in both set + costume are vivid and lived-in. Themes of masculine futility are especially intriguing. <3

  6. ig_____or's rating of the film Zama

    I wish they had spend more time out in the jungle instead of getting in and out of rooms or arranging wigs. The film is a visual marvel but it felt a bit tiresome on several moments.

  7. Nathan Grey Hollis's rating of the film Zama

    4.5. Beautifully shot. Incredibly acted.

  8. mubianer's rating of the film Zama

    2.5. I wanted to like this better, but I never got hooked, and I might have had unrealistic expectations of this being some sort of innovative masterpiece (this is probably a 3 star movie, expectations removed). The digital imagery didn't fit the story (it does on a rare occasion), film is a visual medium and these things matter. The scenes near the end with the Natives were cool and had an Aguirre vibe to them.

  9. João Biscaia's rating of the film Zama

    Magical surrealism as I'd never seen on film. Damned circumstance and the stillness of everything, despite the passing of the days. Nadie escribe al coronel. Zama, at the border, invents his own reality, Vicuña Porto invents his own name, the corregedor invents his war trophies, we invent our superstitions. Everything is magical, and everything is death.

  10. Diderot's rating of the film Zama

    It has a serene hypnotic quality, and there are some very effective scenes (as well as moments of visual beauty), but I have no enthusiasm for this film. At the same time, I think it is a major achievement of de-romanticization.

  11. Daniel Roque's rating of the film Zama

    It's hard to keep focus on the main plot when there are so many characters stealing all the scenes in the background - that llama videobomb gave me life!

  12. Nicole Richie's rating of the film Zama

    Lola Dueñas always gives me life

  13. José Neves's rating of the film Zama

    Digital. Indie Lisboa # 8.

  14. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Zama

    At the Q&A Lucrecia Martel spoke about the contrast between the music in the film, 1950s hokey Latin music for people who aspired to live in Miami or Hollywood, and the film’s 18th century setting. Everything is so deliberate with Martel, and hearing her speak about the way she works is so special.

  15. sabbi irimiás esaú alzate botero's rating of the film Zama

    empire's mechanics failing even those who are on the lucky side of serving/upholding it it.... the sound of muck, maggots, paranoia and waiting as our main characters

  16. Ronja's rating of the film Zama

    Cacho has the most beautiful nose

  17. Jason's rating of the film Zama

    A fundamental component of the practice of art-making (it is definitely a thing at which one practices) is developing and carrying out ideas regarding how to accomplish effects. Martel is a giant when it comes to devising audio-visual means. ZAMA is a masterpiece of the highest order. Having read the novel recently, I can say that decisions Martel makes in her adaptation consistently speak to nothing short of genius.

  18. Marcelo Fornari's rating of the film Zama

  19. N. C.'s rating of the film Zama

    My firts contact with Lucrecia Martel, i don't know what to think yet.

  20. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film Zama

    A simply wondrous existential fever dream of disappointment and dashed hopes with a stunning walk on llama adding further bathos.

  21. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Zama

    The best working Director does it again doing one of the all-time great works on the purgatory that can be one's life.

  22. kit duckworth's rating of the film Zama

  23. Lucas Granero's rating of the film Zama

    Un viaje espiralado hacia la demencia de la espera. Lo que queda de un hombre luego de que la esperanza lo carcome hasta convertirlo en otro, hasta mutar una vez más en otra cosa y empezar a caer de nuevo. Zama es la historia de un cuerpo que intante resistir, una fantasía colonial, una fiebre contagiosa. Martel, más que nunca, hace del sonido un aliado único para hacer de esta película un verdadero estado mental.

  24. Daniella Hervert's rating of the film Zama

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