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  1. Photo of Amer Alwan

    Amer Alwan Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Joëlle Alauzet

    Joëlle Alauzet Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sami Kaftan

    Sami Kaftan Cast

  4. Photo of Shada Salim

    Shada Salim Cast

  5. Photo of Saadiya Al-Zaydi

    Saadiya Al-Zaydi Cast

  6. Photo of Hussein Imad

    Hussein Imad Cast

  7. Photo of Nizar Al-Samarayi

    Nizar Al-Samarayi Cast

  8. Photo of Rasim Al-Joumayli

    Rasim Al-Joumayli Cast

  9. Photo of Moushin Al-Ali

    Moushin Al-Ali Cast

  10. Photo of Fathima Salah

    Fathima Salah Cast

  11. Photo of Talal Hadi

    Talal Hadi Cast

  12. Photo of Tomasz Cichawa

    Tomasz Cichawa Cinematography

  13. Photo of François Rabbath

    François Rabbath Music

  14. Photo of Dafir Nadir

    Dafir Nadir Production Design

  15. Photo of Sattar Alwan

    Sattar Alwan Producer

  16. Photo of Marc-André Brunet

    Marc-André Brunet Producer

  17. Photo of Didier Couedic

    Didier Couedic Producer

  18. Photo of Emmanuel Rasam

    Emmanuel Rasam Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Roger Ikhlef

    Roger Ikhlef Editing

  20. Photo of Jean-Pierre Fénié

    Jean-Pierre Fénié Sound