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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Pymo's rating of the film Zapped!

    Doing nothing with a super cool special power!

  2. dave gunn's rating of the film Zapped!

    Hysterical teen sex comedy that should have more infamy than it does.

  3. Buddy Love's rating of the film Zapped!

    It's a good movie if your trying to figure out who is the worst actor Scott Baio or Willie Aames?

  4. Christopher Scott Zeidel's rating of the film Zapped!

    I cannot believe my dad dragged me to see this piece of crap when I was 7 years old. He should have been imprisoned for life. Sorry dad, but that was cruel and unusual punishment. At least the floating dummy gives me a good laugh.

  5. albertofarina's rating of the film Zapped!

    A guilty pleasure is supposed to be a pleasure, which this film never is in spite of the above photo. I had missed this piece of fluff when I was a teenager - I caught up with it yesterday and sadly found out I was much wiser then about how I spent my time than I am now