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  1. Photo of Terence Young

    Terence Young Director

  2. Photo of Irving Allen

    Irving Allen Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Albert R. Broccoli

    Albert R. Broccoli Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Phil C. Samuel

    Phil C. Samuel Producer

  5. Photo of Richard Maibaum

    Richard Maibaum Screenplay

  6. Photo of Cyril J. Knowles

    Cyril J. Knowles Cinematography

  7. Photo of Ted Moore

    Ted Moore Cinematography

  8. Photo of John Wilcox

    John Wilcox Cinematography

  9. Photo of Alan Osbiston

    Alan Osbiston Editing

  10. Photo of Bert Rule

    Bert Rule Editing

  11. Photo of William Alwyn

    William Alwyn Music

  12. Photo of Victor Mature

    Victor Mature Cast

  13. Photo of Michael Wilding

    Michael Wilding Cast

  14. Photo of Anita Ekberg

    Anita Ekberg Cast

  15. Photo of Bonar Colleano

    Bonar Colleano Cast

  16. Photo of Eunice Gayson

    Eunice Gayson Cast

  17. Photo of Finlay Currie

    Finlay Currie Cast

  18. Photo of Peter Illing

    Peter Illing Cast

  19. Photo of Bernard Miles

    Bernard Miles Cast

  20. Photo of Eddie Byrne

    Eddie Byrne Cast

  21. Photo of Patrick McGoohan

    Patrick McGoohan Cast

  22. Photo of Frederick Valk

    Frederick Valk Cast

  23. Photo of André Morell

    André Morell Cast