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  1. Photo of Kazuo Mori

    Kazuo Mori Director

  2. Photo of Minoru Inuzuka

    Minoru Inuzuka Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kan Shimozawa

    Kan Shimozawa Screenplay

  4. Photo of Shintarô Katsu

    Shintarô Katsu Cast

  5. Photo of Masayo Banri

    Masayo Banri Cast

  6. Photo of Yoshie Mizutani

    Yoshie Mizutani Cast

  7. Photo of Tomisaburo Wakayama

    Tomisaburo Wakayama Cast

  8. Photo of Yutaka Nakamura

    Yutaka Nakamura Cast

  9. Photo of Eijirô Yanagi

    Eijirô Yanagi Cast

  10. Photo of Sonosuke Sawaura

    Sonosuke Sawaura Cast

  11. Photo of Shôsaku Sugiyama

    Shôsaku Sugiyama Cast

  12. Photo of Sanemon Arashi

    Sanemon Arashi Cast

  13. Photo of Yoshito Yamaji

    Yoshito Yamaji Cast

  14. Photo of Shozo Honda

    Shozo Honda Cinematography

  15. Photo of Ichirô Saitô

    Ichirô Saitô Music

  16. Photo of Seiichi Ôta

    Seiichi Ôta Production Design