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  1. Photo of Tokuzô Tanaka

    Tokuzô Tanaka Director

  2. Photo of Kan Shimosawa

    Kan Shimosawa Screenplay

  3. Photo of Seiji Hoshikawa

    Seiji Hoshikawa Screenplay

  4. Photo of Shintarô Katsu

    Shintarô Katsu Cast

  5. Photo of Masayo Banri

    Masayo Banri Cast

  6. Photo of Jun'ichirô Narita

    Jun'ichirô Narita Cast

  7. Photo of Katsuhiko Kobayashi

    Katsuhiko Kobayashi Cast

  8. Photo of Tôru Abe

    Tôru Abe Cast

  9. Photo of San'emon Arashi

    San'emon Arashi Cast

  10. Photo of Yuuji Hamada

    Yuuji Hamada Cast

  11. Photo of Jutarô Hojo

    Jutarô Hojo Cast

  12. Photo of Sumao Ishihara

    Sumao Ishihara Cast

  13. Photo of Jun Katsumura

    Jun Katsumura Cast

  14. Photo of Koichi Mizuhara

    Koichi Mizuhara Cast

  15. Photo of Yasuhiro Mizukami

    Yasuhiro Mizukami Cast

  16. Photo of Sachiko Murase

    Sachiko Murase Cast

  17. Photo of Hiroshi Nawa

    Hiroshi Nawa Cast

  18. Photo of Tokio Oki

    Tokio Oki Cast

  19. Photo of Teruko Omi

    Teruko Omi Cast

  20. Photo of Mitsusaburô Ramon

    Mitsusaburô Ramon Cast

  21. Photo of Kazue Tamaoki

    Kazue Tamaoki Cast

  22. Photo of Yôko Wakasugi

    Yôko Wakasugi Cast

  23. Photo of Masaichi Nagata

    Masaichi Nagata Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Akira Ifukube

    Akira Ifukube Music

  25. Photo of Chishi Makiura

    Chishi Makiura Cinematography