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  1. Samuel Righi's rating of the film Zatoichi

  2. Steve G.'s rating of the film Zatoichi

  3. Alvise Narduzzi's rating of the film Zatoichi

    Una versione asiatica e sanguinosa di un western all'americana, con qualche immancabile spunto comico alla Kitano. Duelli, scene idiote e tante katana. La sequenza finale è qualcosa di incredibile. "Anche con gli occhi spalancati, non riesco a vedere niente".

  4. -REM-'s rating of the film Zatoichi

  5. SPQRNH's rating of the film Zatoichi

    Un très bon moment ! Drôle et captivant de bout en bout, avec notamment de superbes scènes de combat.

  6. Olivier Serafinowicz's rating of the film Zatoichi

  7. kballand's rating of the film Zatoichi

    Un Kitano bien léché avec un final très glamour. Mais il est vrai que les personnages et l'histoire sont simplistes. Dans ses autres films, ce réalisateur de grand talent montre des situations plus subtiles ouvrant sur une palette d'émotions. Peut-être est-il trop contraint dans l'exercice de la reprise ?

  8. thibaultpiguet's rating of the film Zatoichi

    Funny : how a movie with so much flaws can be so good? It's a good exemple for showing that a movie isn't a simple addition but an equation with many unkown value. I can't say why i liked it, but despite all the bad comment i made in my head, i had a great time and will surely remember this one

  9. Ma-rewind's rating of the film Zatoichi

    Voir 3.5 pour le final surréaliste

  10. EdzeronK's rating of the film Zatoichi

    Best Samurai Comedy Ever :D - Massacre/20 - Humor/20 - MusicalComedy/20 - 20/20

  11. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Zatoichi

    Sheakespeare & West Side Story. Eastwood & Béjart. Fabuleux & profond. Magnifiquement scénographié. Une chef d'oeuvre passionnant. ===== Shakespeare & West Side Story. Eastwood & Béjart. Fabulous & Deep. Beautifully scenographed. An exciting masterpiece.

  12. azoulay's rating of the film Zatoichi

    Une farce tragique où la multiplication des morts violantes et sanguinolentes, assassinats pratiqués avec tant d'aisance dans une danse macabre et expéditive répond à la corruption absolue du pays où règne la terreur. Comme un rédemption, ce ballet irrespectueux de la vie, magistralement joué et mis en scène avec grâce et humour, nous entraine dans un Japon où le délire de la mort reste la seule justice possible.

  13. Tibulle85's rating of the film Zatoichi

    (Vu à sa sortie et à maintes reprises en DVD) Que ce soit clair: je suis un gd fan de la série des Zatoïchi - j'ai l'intégrale des (19 ou 20) DVD sortis jadis chez Wild Side. D'où ma joie qd Kitano s'est attaqué à un tel monument des films de genre japonais! Et je n'ai pas été déçu! Combats hyper nerveux, un retournement final qui bouleverse notre vision du même des claquettes(!) A voir absolument dc!

  14. cin·aes·the·tic's rating of the film Zatoichi

    Entertaining for the novice--but blasphemy for the otaku. The primary sin of this film is using the name and story of Zatoichi. Purists will hate it, and they will hate those ignorant naïfs that like it. Kitano is a master craftsman. When he's on point (as in Sonatine) there are few better in the genre. But this is more like Picasso dashing off a sketch for booze money. An original story/script would've been better.

  15. Mark Tallo's rating of the film Zatoichi

  16. Ryan Swen's rating of the film Zatoichi

    A provocation in glorious pulp.

  17. T Mills's rating of the film Zatoichi

    Far from flawless, Kitano still succeeds here by bringing his fresh, quirky angle to the genre.

  18. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Zatoichi

    Though at times it seems like the editor was blind as well, the whole story and cultural richness makes this a very entertaining one.

  19. David R Williams's rating of the film Zatoichi

    I enjoyed this far more than I thought I would but really - it was completely unnecessary. Third star because Kitano.

  20. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Zatoichi

  21. Sarah's rating of the film Zatoichi

    i don't usually like martial arts movies but this one had style & visual appeal. the story was woven together well, revealing a little bit at a time. i liked the quick jumps between scenes. the characters were interesting & quirky. the musical numbers at the end were creative. just enough funny parts.

  22. Shawn Spitler's rating of the film Zatoichi

    Ignoring the amazing franchise that this film failed to bring new life to, it's frankly just a bad movie. The last ten minutes completely derail everything we have come to love about Zatoichi (not that the rest of the movie did anything to help). And don't get me started on the out of place Bollywood tap dance.

  23. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Zatoichi

    Great fun. Nice swordplay. Cheesy blood effects, but I did love the story. Plus... cool old blind man with a sword kicking much ass with a badass sword... what's not to like?

  24. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Zatoichi

    Measured, detailed character study with another brilliant Kitano performance and great visual style. Haven't seen it for a while but I remember it vividly....

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