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  1. Photo of Giuseppe Sansonna

    Giuseppe Sansonna Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Zdenek Zeman

    Zdenek Zeman Self

  3. Photo of Pasquale Casillo

    Pasquale Casillo Self

  4. Photo of Peppino Pavone

    Peppino Pavone Self

  5. Photo of Franco Altamura

    Franco Altamura Self

  6. Photo of Vincenzo Cangelosi

    Vincenzo Cangelosi Self

  7. Photo of Giuseppe Signori

    Giuseppe Signori Self

  8. Photo of Luigi Di Biagio

    Luigi Di Biagio Self

  9. Photo of Roberto Rambaudi

    Roberto Rambaudi Self

  10. Photo of Franco Mancini

    Franco Mancini Self

  11. Photo of Maurizio Codispoti

    Maurizio Codispoti Self

  12. Photo of Dario Annecchino

    Dario Annecchino Self

  13. Photo of Lino Rabbaglietti

    Lino Rabbaglietti Self

  14. Photo of Attilio De Matteis

    Attilio De Matteis Self

  15. Photo of Giuseppe Baldassarre

    Giuseppe Baldassarre Self

  16. Photo of Fernando Iannucci

    Fernando Iannucci Self

  17. Photo of Leone Rossetti

    Leone Rossetti Self

  18. Photo of Emilio Cavell

    Emilio Cavell Self

  19. Photo of Pina Mastropietro

    Pina Mastropietro Cinematography

  20. Photo of Massimiliano Maggi

    Massimiliano Maggi Cinematography

  21. Photo of Pippo Foglianese

    Pippo Foglianese Music

  22. Photo of Valeria Coggese

    Valeria Coggese Producer

  23. Photo of Corrado Camilla

    Corrado Camilla Producer

  24. Photo of Daniele Petirro

    Daniele Petirro Producer

  25. Photo of Fabrizio Ruggieri

    Fabrizio Ruggieri Editing

  26. Photo of Gianluigi Decandia

    Gianluigi Decandia Editing