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  1. Photo of Banmei Takahashi

    Banmei Takahashi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Kankuro Nakamura

    Kankuro Nakamura Cast

  3. Photo of Yuki Uchida

    Yuki Uchida Cast

  4. Photo of Ryushin Tei

    Ryushin Tei Cast

  5. Photo of Kora Kengo

    Kora Kengo Cast

  6. Photo of Ken'ichirô Yasui

    Ken'ichirô Yasui Cast

  7. Photo of Jun Murakami

    Jun Murakami Cast

  8. Photo of Masanobu Katsumura

    Masanobu Katsumura Cast

  9. Photo of Tatsuya Fujiwara

    Tatsuya Fujiwara Cast

  10. Photo of Noriyuki Mizuguchi

    Noriyuki Mizuguchi Cinematography

  11. Photo of Haseo Nakanishi

    Haseo Nakanishi Music

  12. Photo of Ryudo Uzaki

    Ryudo Uzaki Music

  13. Photo of Tetsuo Ôtani

    Tetsuo Ôtani Producer

  14. Photo of Jun'ichi Kikuchi

    Jun'ichi Kikuchi Editing