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  1. Photo of Ruggero Deodato

    Ruggero Deodato Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Andrea Fantasia

    Andrea Fantasia Producer

  3. Photo of Gino Capone

    Gino Capone Screenplay

  4. Photo of Antonio Racioppi

    Antonio Racioppi Screenplay

  5. Photo of Antonietta Zita

    Antonietta Zita Editing

  6. Photo of Elena Ricci Poccetto

    Elena Ricci Poccetto Production Design

  7. Photo of Lucretia Love

    Lucretia Love Cast

  8. Photo of John Ireland

    John Ireland Cast

  9. Photo of Lionel Stander

    Lionel Stander Cast

  10. Photo of Fiorenzo Fiorentini

    Fiorenzo Fiorentini Cast

  11. Photo of Elisa Mainardi

    Elisa Mainardi Cast

  12. Photo of Luigi Leoni

    Luigi Leoni Cast

  13. Photo of Ignazio Leone

    Ignazio Leone Cast

  14. Photo of Fiammetta Baralla

    Fiammetta Baralla Cast

  15. Photo of Carlo Pisacane

    Carlo Pisacane Cast

  16. Photo of Andrea Scotti

    Andrea Scotti Cast

  17. Photo of Dominique Badou

    Dominique Badou Cast

  18. Photo of Vera Drudi

    Vera Drudi Cast

  19. Photo of Nello Pazzafini

    Nello Pazzafini Cast

  20. Photo of Mario Cecchi

    Mario Cecchi Cast

  21. Photo of Dada Gallotti

    Dada Gallotti Cast

  22. Photo of Anna Recchimuzzi

    Anna Recchimuzzi Cast

  23. Photo of Alessandro Perrella

    Alessandro Perrella Cast

  24. Photo of Liliana Fioramonti

    Liliana Fioramonti Cast

  25. Photo of Antonella Ippoliti

    Antonella Ippoliti Cast

  26. Photo of Pietro Torrisi

    Pietro Torrisi Cast