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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Mehmet Ali Karar's rating of the film Zenne Dancer

    gerçek bir olaydan esinlenilmiş olan duygusal bir eşcinsel sineması, tadında ve izlenilesi.

  2. msmichel's rating of the film Zenne Dancer

    Fine debut feature from Alper and Binay that looks at a pair of gay men coming of age and their military service in Turkey. One is a bear hiding the truth from his family even as their suspicions have caused them to hire someone to follow him. The other is a 'zenne'; a male belly dancer in a gay bar hiding from the authorities and his conscription. Film leans towards melodrama but provoking nonetheless.

  3. Esra Bici Nasir's rating of the film Zenne Dancer

    excellent music and dance show

  4. danliofer's rating of the film Zenne Dancer

    A movie of an extraordinary power and structure when you are not sure who the main character is for the first third of it...

  5. gencorkun's rating of the film Zenne Dancer

    Somehow I kept my expectations low about this movie. I was ready to see a very dark movie focusing on prejudice and all the difficulties of a suppressed niche of the society. Yet, what I saw was color, hope, overcoming obstacles and most importantly "honesty" even if it might kill you. I started to give my stars gradually while I was watching the movie and by the end of the movie I was certain of my decision: 5 stars