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  1. Photo of Anders Nilsson

    Anders Nilsson Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jakob Eklund

    Jakob Eklund Cast

  3. Photo of Peter Andersson

    Peter Andersson Cast

  4. Photo of Marie Richardson

    Marie Richardson Cast

  5. Photo of Hanna Alsterlund

    Hanna Alsterlund Cast

  6. Photo of Jacqueline Ramel

    Jacqueline Ramel Cast

  7. Photo of Fredrik Dolk

    Fredrik Dolk Cast

  8. Photo of Lennart Hjulström

    Lennart Hjulström Cast

  9. Photo of Stig Torstensson

    Stig Torstensson Cast

  10. Photo of Erik Ståhlberg

    Erik Ståhlberg Cast

  11. Photo of Torkel Petersson

    Torkel Petersson Cast

  12. Photo of Hans Mosesson

    Hans Mosesson Cast

  13. Photo of Claudio Salgado

    Claudio Salgado Cast

  14. Photo of Helén Söderqvist Henriksson

    Helén Söderqvist Henriksson Cast

  15. Photo of Tind Soneby

    Tind Soneby Cast

  16. Photo of Jacob Jørgensen

    Jacob Jørgensen Cinematography

  17. Photo of Bengt Nilsson

    Bengt Nilsson Music

  18. Photo of Maria Sohlman Wikman

    Maria Sohlman Wikman Production Design

  19. Photo of Björn Carlström

    Björn Carlström Producer

  20. Photo of Joakim Hansson

    Joakim Hansson Producer and Screenplay

  21. Photo of Peter Possne

    Peter Possne Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Darek Hodor

    Darek Hodor Editing